با تو - متن موزیک MY ALL از ماریا کری

با تو

برای ( با تو ) بودن !!!

متن موزیک MY ALL از ماریا کری

Im thinking of you, in my sleepless solitude you to night

If its wrong to love you , then my heart just wont let me be right

cause Im drowned in you and i wont pull through with out you by my side

Id give my all to have just one more night with you. id risk my life to feel your body next to mine, cause i cant go on living in my memory of our song

Id give my all for your love tonight

baby can you feel me? imagining im looking in your eyes

i can see you clear

vividly emblazoned in my mind

and yet your so far like a distant star 

im wishing on to night  


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